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Repairs and Restorations

These prices are intended as a guide to help you estimate the cost of having me do your restoration. To completely restore an older canoe often costs as much as a new canoe. What is a "good buy" to have fun repairing yourself, in your garage, may be $2000 away from paying me to return an old family heirloom to active use.

Repairing an old canoe is a labor of love, and if you choose to have me do the work for you it will be just that. A completely restored older canoe is even more beautiful than a brand new one - I will do a top quality job, and you will get what you pay for.

Since most of the cost is labor, I encourage you to do as much of the work as possible yourself. I am happy to suggest resource, supply materials, and answer questions as they come up. Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow's book The Wood and Canvas Canoe is a great one for researching your own repair needs. I can send it to you for $19 + shipping, or it should be available in many canoeing stores or better book sellers.

For repairs I would like a $500 deposit when you bring your canoe in. I will do a rough estimate at that time and a better one once I get the canvas off. Some parts of the job will be per hour and I will contact you if there are any surprises. The balance of your repair cost will be due when you pick up your canoe.

CANOE REPAIR COSTSTime Materials Total
Remove gunwales, keel, stembands, canvas6060
Reclinch tacks, sand hull, oil80888
Fill canvas9050140
Paint outside (4 coats)19040230
Clean up, replace gunwales501161
Clean up, replace keel401050
Clean up, replace stembands40444
Total $833
Cost of stripper $9/foot ($11/foot if painted - appx)170
Initial sanding6060
Revarnish 4 coats16080240
Total $570
Ash stock, cut planed13619
Make form for bending20626
Bend shape4040
Remove old stem2020
Replace new stem2020
Total $125
NEW INNER GUNWALES (Sitka Spruce)/Pair
Sitka spruce4060100
Replace, shape, sand10015115
Bending, if required30535
Total $250
Mahogany (Cherry/Ash are spliced, add $40)303060
Notch to fit1212
Bending, if required501060
Replace, shape, sand (new screws)701080
Total $212
NEW KEEL (Ash, Oak)
Shape, attach (new screws)8040$120

Replace mat-caned seats$70
Replace mat, strip, sand, revarnish$100
Materials for replacing your own mat seats$20
New Shaw & Tenney mat-caned seats$75
Re-cane seats$140
Re-cane seats, strip, varnish$190
New hand-caned seats (Ash, Cherry, Mahogany)$220
New slat seats (Ash, Cherry, Mahogany)$200
Install seats$30

NEW BRASS STEMBANDS (4 1/2 feet)/Pair
Drill, put on canoe$60
(Stembands over 4 1/2 feet, add $5 pair)

RIBS (Cut, shape, sand, bend, install, sand, stain
1 Rib $34; 2-5 Ribs $28ea.; 6-10 Ribs $24ea; 10+ Ribs $20ea

"There's just a bit of rot in the ends"
New deck/each$50
Splice end of deck$30
Replace thwart$30
Stem/gunwale splices/replace planking$20/hour
Sanding, revarnishing interior$20/hour

All prices are subject to change without notice

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